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4th floor, Rituraj house, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

4th floor, Rituraj house, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


Social Media Marketing

  • Community building

Building an online community around your brand will not only help strengthen your brand but also give you a straight path of exchanging information between you and your current and potential customers. If you do not have an existing online community, it can be disheartening to figure out where to start.

Digital ATOM takes you out of this mystery and helps you to create your own branded online community through social media tactics. New connections are an obvious benefit, but a strong community also attracts new clientele and keeps your business competitive.

  • Influencer engagement

We identify the key people as per your industry and come up with social media marketing strategy that will help you leverage the influence of these people and turn them into brand advocates. Rather than constantly bombarding social media users with direct or retargeted ads, we make engaging and transparent social media strategy and creative content, that makes people listen to your brand and not someone else and that is how it sets you apart and boosts your social media engagement.

  • Social media for Corporate

Our undertaking is to help organizations leverage social media with their prospects for corporate communications. We set objectives adjusted to the organization’s procedure in order to boost the return on investment in social media campaigning by integrating different social platforms and embracing successful measurement.

  • Social Media for CSR

Digital ATOM provides enhanced strategies to promote brand’s CSR activity through various social media marketing tools.

We help you make your brand image more conspicuous towards your targeted audience through On-line integration and amplification of even Off-line CSR activities.

  • Social Media For HR

Digital ATOM provides you exact ways to find out potential employees with low cost and long term retention with your brand.

We also help you build existing employees involvement in a very delightful manner through Awards, Events and work showcase.